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Fit3TM Fit Kit

Weight Loss and Performance Nutrition

Find the new you inside. Your Fit Kit includes everything you need to start your fitness and weight loss journey. Inside you’ll find:

· 3 canisters of Active, 3 bottles of Burn and 1 bottle of Purify

· Welcome Letter

· Fit3 Brochure

· Getting Started Guide and Week 1 Checklist

Questions about the Fit3 program? View our FAQs

View Fit3 Active nutritional panel (PDF)

View Fit3 Burn nutritional panel (PDF)

View Fit3 Purify nutritional panel (PDF)

View Fit3 Active product benefits sheet (PDF)

View Fit3 Burn product benefits sheet (PDF)

View Fit3 Purify product benefits sheet (PDF)

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